Finer Things

When I walk into to my local HEB store, I rarely sample any products, though I appreciate that this store does so much for its customers. However, there is one lady I always go to. I shall call her the “wine lady”! She has quickly become one of my favorite people. Over the last few years, I have gone from drinking Moscato to a smooth Chianti or Merlot.

My newfound love for wine is rooted in my deeper love for culture, traveling, and history. Wine has been around for centuries and its process has so many different traditions depending on the regions it comes from. Every time I drink a glass of wine, I think about these traditions and the process that went into making it.

My new favorite wine is a red blend called PaXis which is made in Portugal. Not only does this wine go great with a crispy salad or a good Italian dish, but it also has a great story behind its name. The founder of the company developed the name after watching his children playing a game called Bulldog. During the game, one of the children cried out “Paxis” to express immunity from being captured. The man thought this was such a sweet notion of expressing a word that we can call out when we need an escape from being captured by the stresses of every day life. He believed his wine could bring that escape!

PaXis Red Blend from Portugal

Go out and find you a bottle at your local HEB! Drink a glass or two and enjoy the escape!

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