My Weight Loss Journey

85 Pound Shadow Left Behind

Three years ago I put on some tennis shoes, walked out the door, and started a journey of healthy living. This journey was preempted by years of problems with my hormones, weight, among other health issues all of which I will share as the layers of my heart begin to unveil for my readers. My journey to healthy living was the change necessary for the unhealthy choices and curses that my life had carried since I was 14. Thus, I began to run and figure out what my body could and couldn’t eat for optimum health and the weight slowly, and I mean slowly, came off. The chapters in between my beginning and end will come as I begin to unravel my shadows, but with clean eating, running, persistence, and an amazing support group, I have lost 85 pounds so far.

I have learned healthy living is not about a diet, it is not about a final weight or destination, and it is not about just what you or the scale looks like. It is about choosing to make healthy choices most of your daily life and understanding that your body is capable of more than you ever thought possible. I failed, I cried over slow results, I compared myself, I indulged too much, I ate too little, I put working out above my family at times. This journey of healthy living has taught me about more than just eating clean or how to be a good runner, it has taught me balance, reflection, and celebration. Celebrate the amazing things your body can do, find your balance, and put your running shoes on-your JOURNEY awaits!

Before and After
85 Pounds Lost Thus Far


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