Marriage is the pot we put on the back burner way too often. The one we forget about and it starts to boil, burn, dry out when we don’t give it the attention it needs. Luke and I have been married for 12 years! We were 18 years old taking vows to love each other til death parted us.

We have endured some very low valleys and some very high mountains. We have seasoned our marriage with good salt and bad pepper. Yet, the most beautiful thing is that our relationship, before it was a marriage, was built on a faith and friendship. Those two layers, coupled with God’s grace, has allowed this marriage to thrive even in the midst of the valleys. In those valleys, the shadows come out to steal and destroy, but even on the mountaintops, the shadows lurk behind trees and sometimes they rob you of your joy and ability to restore the brokenness. It is in that brokenness that my friendship with Luke and my faith in God have to be the guiding lights to healing my marriage.

Wedding Day
September 17, 2005

12 Years Later! My favorite trip and photo of us!

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